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  • Quick Cam. Job

    got a call last night late asking for a camera in the morning , i had a full day planed but decided to fit it in. arrived at 6:00 am the owner explained that RR had been there last night but to leave @ 6:00 pm and had not opened the drain but now there was a huge leak when even a glass of water entered the drain. tried the cam but too much grease ,ran a 3/8 and had a he!! of a time getting it back. used a tape and started cutting and looking in w/ the micro found a 2" ci piece on a 45 angel behind a 4' ci and 2" gas line wires etc... at last I got the bands off but could not get the broken pipe out finally i twisted hard and there was a cable still in the line. it came down fine but i had to go down a floor take off 90 to get it out .put it back together cleaned up and done by 3:30 wow quick yea how can a co. break a pipe and a cable a just leave knowing a 1000 people will be coming tonight and the owner is screwed! (call our office tomorrow they will be in by 10:00)

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    Re: Quick Cam. Job

    S.O.P. That is all there is to say.....
    Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part!!
    You can fire me...but you can't tell me what to do!