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  • K60 Question

    When I went to Use my K60 the clutch lever is so stiff hard to use. I have greased the zerk and
    sprayed WD 40 in iot but still stiff anybody had this problem?

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    Re: K60 Question

    I have a similar problem. But my 60 is well used and worn. I have to spray lubricant into the front of mine to keep it from sticking even though I grease the thing. Also you may want to keep a set of bearings on hand I seem to change them out twice a year on my K60


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      Re: K60 Question

      More info can be found on the "K-60 Sectional Machine" forum.


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        Facing similar problem.


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          Cable or root, my brother is both an electrical and nuclear engineer and you ought to see all the stuff he has. I'm still coaching him how use half of it! lol

          Well, it's not uncommon for any of use to buy the best to fix problems. We all seem to gravitate to fixing things and self-reliance more than most professions.