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  • Cutter Selection..............

    I did a job yesterday with my Model C on a 4" CI line that went to 6" clay after exiting the foundation. The cleanout opening was 3" so the largest cutter I could fit in was a 3" root saw (HDD-4S). With my 300 the C cutters I use are somewhat flexible so they can be squished down to fit in the 3" opening, not so with the heavy duty thick Eel cutters.

    What are you guys doing in situations like this running your 1.25" cable ? Are you all running a 4"x6" expandable cutter or just running the largest sized cutter that will fit through the cleanout opening ?

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    Re: Cutter Selection..............

    Personally , I would use 1 1/4 " , Although the 7/8" with the 60 will/does work. I don't own an expandable cutter.What I have been told is that's a finishing tool anyhow..And yes I just cram the biggest head I can down there and pray I don't get er' hung up..
    But you know the jetter comments are coming
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      Re: Cutter Selection..............

      that's where the jetter excells. a 3'' opening will allow a root cutting nozzle / root ranger or warthog to clean from the 3''-6'' pipe.

      otherwise i will run a 3'' root saw with a leader bent on a 45 to help wip around when it gets into the larger 4''-6'' pipe.

      the expanding cutters will close down just as easy as they expand. good for a finishing touch but not an agressive root cutting cutter.

      phoebe it is