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k 60 question?

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  • k 60 question?

    Im new to drain cleaning purchased a k 750 and k 45, getting lots of phonecalls news travels fast considering purchasing a k 50 or k60 leaning towards the 60 have lots of crawl spaces here the 750 just doesnt fit, and the narrow utility stairs into the hundred year houses kinda suck, should have done more research before purchasing. Mostly do residential have a few maintence job with hospital, condos and two hotels figure the 750 will help with these and a k 60 or 50 would manage alot of the residential. Any advise would be helpful thanks sean. And yes iv read previous threads i no this subjects been talked about alot...thanks for any input.

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    Re: k 60 question?

    need i say so

    the k-60 has retired tens of thousands $$$ in drum machines i own. some never out of the box.

    it's the little machine that can.

    the great thing is i can carry it onto a roof, under a crawlspace and up and down stairs and ladders. plus it fits onto a shelf in my van. i also own the k-50. the little brother of the k-60.

    start with the k-60 and both 7/8'' and 5/8'' cable and cutters. when you find that you're using the 5/8'' cable enough to justify the k-50, then buy that one too.

    the k-60 and k-50 and k-39/45 are pretty much the 1,2,3, knock out punch.

    i'm sure you've seen several hundred of my post and photos. they don't lie

    phoebe it is


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      Re: k 60 question?

      Somethings about the K60 I'm not a fan of, but it clears drains great and it fits in a crawl space, so I say you need one.


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        Re: k 60 question?

        I have to go with Rick on this one.
        Since you already have a K-45, the K-60 fills the gaps you have nicely. The easy change from 5/8" to 7/8" cable makes it a no-brainer.


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          Re: k 60 question?

          thanks guys ordered my k 60 sp-se and 5/8 cable and tool kit hope its as good as im hoping it is, thanks for the advice once again. any advise on care, storage ect... would be greatly appreciated. will keep reading previous threads and any future ones look forward to joing the k 60 club " hope theres no probems" thanks again seanny deep.. keep on helping for we all need help on occasion.