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small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590

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  • small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590

    Hello again,

    I am looking to buy a electric jetter for the works I have in some houses inside.

    2 Choices. the Ridgid KJ 1750 1.4 gallon and 1750 Psi

    Or the Ridgid KJ 1590 ( I think only build for the European market) with 3.96 gpm and 1200 psi.

    Which will me the more powerful machine for unblocking ( not only for flushing drains) in Sinkspipes and also in toilet pipes inside the house ( 4")

    Hope you can help me. Thank you.

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    Re: small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590

    i'm not a fan of electric jetters even though i own 2 electrics.

    but to answer your question, the 3.96 at 1200psi will get it done faster.

    1200 is on the lower side of jetting, but is still enough to clean most stoppages. the 1750 isn't a big jump in pressure, but the flow from the 3.96 is over twice as much.

    i would still run a jumper hose from outside into the building with a gas jetter.

    or a rountrip ticket would save you a ton of money on trial and error

    phoebe it is


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      Re: small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590


      Thank you again. you are very helpful.

      You Think I can get blockeges free in 4" lines ? paper blockages ?

      The ridgid publicity tells that it is to 6" lines, I think not.

      So tell me what you think.

      Here a link to the machine:

      P.s: I am preparing the round trip ticket or maybe will visit you in L.A.
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        Re: small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590


        Please annswer me, i have tryed a PM but your box is full

        Thank you.


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          Re: small electric jetter KJ 1750 or KJ 1590

          sorry, i must have missed that post

          that jetter has good flow at 15 liters/ 4 gpm .

          the pressure is a little low at 80-90 bars/ 1160-1305 psi.

          but for soft stoppages, paper, sludge it's fine. trying to cut out scale will not happen.

          6'' will work if it's paper, but 4'' at 4gpm is more ideal.

          question is, do you really need electric?

          most guys tend to use gas with a jumper hose run inside.

          will you be able to plug in a 2.2kw motor without tripping a fuse/ breaker?

          that's always a concern with electric jetters.

          interesting that the machine is marketed to overseas and not here. yet the 2200 and 3000 are sold here and there.

          the 3000 has been replaced by the 3100 and it's now 5.5gpm at 3000# 16hp. engine.

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          phoebe it is