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How much pressure?

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    Re: How much pressure?

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
    OMFG. You better set aside some land in Coober Pedy now to store the ego.

    JC, will send out a smoke signal now to our other rthan white coloured indigenious mates and they will prepare for the festival. Mind you if you bring the Round-up down-under we will probably have to use teh red centre for parking. The turnout will be massive. Only down-side, not many pipes to challenge Bill's Racejet but we can have lots of fun with the water in the lake......!!!!!


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      Re: How much pressure?

      Question, Can Ridgid Australia afford the Round-Up. Mind you if they were smart enough to do it they would get a response beyond the imagination of all. Mind you thye would have to find some "Good Reps" who werent lazy to look after you guys. Let us know the num,bers so we can get the Airports ready for your arrival.....................!!!!!
      Maybe we can set-up a blockage in the main terminal so Bill can demonstrate the efficiency of the Racejet. Then we can talk about challenges.

      On a serious side how long does the Round-up usually go for. We may have to get Dr. how-long to write us a medical certificate so we dont get fired.


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        Re: How much pressure?

        pretty much a 2 day action packed event, 3 hours roughly for the competition, the rest of the time for show and tell and hands on demo's.

        some of the events can be geared towards your traditions instead.

        instead of playing "corn hole" we could have a boomerang throw to take out hopping kangaroos

        the go karting would be fun to mix it up with your reverse drivers

        of course the manly events like the threading contest and snaking contest will be the main event.

        then for us new parents, a diaper change contest followed by auguring wipes out of the line would make it real

        plenty of games that would make the transition down under.

        instead of having an eating contest with hot wings, we could have opossum pie and Vegemite

        i'm sure there are more games that will come to mind.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: How much pressure?

          agree with others it is about what you are doing; the work defines the machine.

          For me, here are the considerations:

          - I don't want to pull a trailer
          - I must operate out of a vehicle under 7' tall that can negotiate parking garages; no box trucks, no extended vans
          - space in the van becomes very important
          - I get few calls for lines over 4", fewer still for lines over 6"
          - I need to be able to do 3"
          - I need to be able to negotiate toilet flanges and get to city main from them
          - I need to cut roots, not huge taproots, but masses of small roots
          - I need to cut grease
          _ I need to cut ice

          for me, the space in the van is very important, so I do not want a water tank taking up space.
          this limits me to 5-6gpm with a good water source, but I need to be able to run effectively with less when I have a poor supply.

          The bias towards smaller lines for me, and my need to be abled to do 3" and to do toilet flanges and the nearby bends means I need flexible hose. I find 1/4" to work well for me, and find 3/8" to be a problem.

          1/4" hose is pretty restrictive in the lengths I need (350') at 5-6 gpm, so I need higher pressure capability at the pump to overcome that and still have something left at the nozzle. I lose ~2kpsi in the hose.

          I run 4kpsi machines and size my nozzles for 2kpsi at 5gpm. My hose is rated ~3750psi working, higher burst.

          I commonly run at 2500-3500 psi. I will crank up a little when I need pull, down a little when I have water control issues, etc.

          More psi capability would be nice; I could size my nozzles a little smaller and have them still be effective when I have a poor water supply...

          but, I'm already overpressuring my hose when I need to at 4kpsi, and to step up hose psi rating would make the hose stiffer and defeat the purpose.

          certainly nothing wrong in offering a machine with more psi capabiliy, and I'd happily have 5kpsi available to me, but as a mfg you must supply hose rated for the machine or there would be liability issues, and if that makes the hose too stiff to do the job, it is pointless.
          This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.