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  • Jetter Set Up

    I'M thinking of going into the jetting business...was looking for some recommendations on a STARTER Set up

    1.Type of jetter(will be doing mostly residential some light commercial)
    2.Hose Size
    3.Knozzles I should Have

    All Help will be appreciated

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    Re: Jetter Set Up

    Before the real jetting experts step in, I will ask for them: What size and type of pipe (cast iron, clay or PVC......4" or 6") and how long are the runs.

    For example I happen to be planning for a similar endeavor next year and I will need to do 6" Clay X 200' max.

    I have been considering the KJ-3100, the General J-3080 and after reading from the jetting pros on here, possibly building my own cart jetter with the ability to get over 4K psi @ 7-8 GPM


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      Re: Jetter Set Up

      If you are only going 4" on down the GX390 Honda powered jetter at sewer jetter pressure washer plumber's special is a cheap way to get started.

      If you need to go bigger than 4" you better find something bigger like 5-6 gpm with 3/8" hose.

      Pressure cuts, flow flushes, but if you are going to try to run off of a garden hose with no reserve tank I personally wouldn't go much over 5 or 6 gpm or the water supply could be a little short on some homes with poor water pressure.

      Rick, JRSaltz, Cuda, and others can give you all the advice you want and more, or do a search and you will find endless threads on the topic.


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        Re: Jetter Set Up

        Listen carefully you are definitly going to want a jetter reel, hose spining machine. Without it you wont be able to jet anything less than 2 inch without alot of frustration in getting the hose thru the 90's