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    Re: $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Here's the thing,
    When I go out to clear a drain, I clear the drain .I want to do such a good job they NEVER call me back for that particular issue. Then they will refer me to others that may be having the same problem or other issues like plumbing and not just drain cleaning.I charge what is fair to me and the customer.I know what other co's are charging and could care less.As long as I'm making my numbers and the customer gets squared away good deal.I snake evrything cause' I don't have a jetter .As far as I'm concerned a jetter is a finishing tool unless it is for a very heavy grease build up.Again I may be wrong but that's my thoughts . So charge what you need to stay in business .As a small business it's easy for me to make adjustments on pricing to accomodate the customers but theres always has to be a bottom line..Although I do drain cleaning it is only a small part of my business.I don't want or need to do drain cleaning every day
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      Re: $$$$$$$$$$$$

      Originally posted by MoJourneyman View Post
      The hardest thing to understand when starting a business is that it does not matter in the slightest what your competitors are charging. charge based on your cost of doing business, include everything from insurance, your wages, taxes, gas, vehicle maintenance, don't forget to budget for new equipment and growth.

      Now divide that by the number of hours you can reasonably expect to work. That's what your hourly rate is.
      This answer is almost spot on. Mark Twain once said "The greatest disservice a company can do for it's employees is to not make a profit." So with all the above listed factors you still need to add for a desired profit margin.