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  • Working for Telephone companies

    Has anyone thought of marketing their services to telephone installations companies?

    I ended up on a telephone installation forum and was reading how one installer in Washington DC ended up using a drain cleaning company to help his company upgrade a service under a golf course where they could not dig up the old steel conduit.

    They had 2 old small multi-pair cables stuck in a 2 in. line and none of the normal telco ways of removing them worked.

    In desperation the telco company called a drain cleaning company and its owner said they should be able to get through the conduit.

    They ran a 1/2 cable only (no cutter) through and that was enough to remove the gunk in the line (apparently some roots and mud) and vibrate everything to allow the old cables to break free to be pulled out.

    When the conduit was empty it was cabled again with a cutter as it was gong to be relined with an inter-duct as the cutter was pulled back.

    While this was a telephone installation company, I was just thinking even electricians could use this service as well if they have problems with removing old cables.

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    Re: Working for Telephone companies

    I think I spent more time in Iraq jetting old conduit so the Army and Air Force could pull fiber optics than I did jetting storm and sewer lines. I would jet the conduit and the guys would tie a mule tape onto my jetter and I would real it back.


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      Re: Working for Telephone companies

      i recently did a 225' electrical underground service for the power company. they had 3 lead shielded wires that had shorted and they couldn't pull them out. power was off. i camered and was able to see the conduit was in tact as most of it was transite pipe. then i came back and jetted and then applied liquid soap and sucked it back.

      pretty interesting work, but i never went into the undrground high voltage vault. a city worker was in the vault and i was the chief up above calling the shots and working the equipment.

      felt like i graduated and became a city employee

      3 city work trucks, 6 guys and a supervisor. and i was the chief for once.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Working for Telephone companies

        Donut consumption per hour?
        We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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          Re: Working for Telephone companies

          Before I left Los Angeles my company was hired to locate conduit undr the street and pull rope through so the homeowners contractor could finish installing utilities under ground in Manhattan Beach. I used my large camera and locater to do all the work . The original installers of the conduits didnt tie the rope off and it disappered into the conduit, some as far as 150' away back into the vaults.
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