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1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

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  • 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

    my jetter specs are 18 hp 5.6 gpm @ 3600psi i use 200' of 3/8" hose with the nozzle end being crimped with a 1/4" mip

    As i see in bills videos looks like 1/4" or 5/16" hose. Should i be using 1/4" hose how much would i gain or lose by goin down to 1/4" hose?

    I know i would be able to make more corners and bends with 1/4" hose but what are the pros and cons of smaller hose?

    What are you guys using?

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    Re: 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

    Check out My harbor frieght, 5000 psi, 3/8" quick disconnect, in line guage $19.99 Great quality . Know pressure at the end!
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      Re: 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

      I don't know anything about jetters, but I would assume the pros would be more flexible for smaller lines, but that is probably it. You would lose volume for sure, but pressure would be the same.

      I think..


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        Re: 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

        stolen, actually just the opposite.

        i would use the 1/4'' hose on the 2'' and smaller lines. the 3/8'' hose on 3'' and larger.

        the pressure drop on 1/4'' at 5.6 gpm would be beyond my chart. but at 4 gpm, it's approx 4.75# per foot. so at 200' that's 950# loss. plus it will cycle your unloader as 1/4'' is undersized for 5.6 gpm.

        the 3/8'' hose will only lose 1.25# per foot at 5.6 gpm. so 200' would be a 250# drop.

        whenever possible use the 3/8'' hose.

        bill in australia jacks up the pressure to overcome the pressure loss. therefore he still ends up with decent cutting pressure.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

          We would struggle using 3/16" hose with 3000psi. Rick is right, I like the higher pressure so I can use smaller hose to get around our tight traps and junctions. I can get 3/16" around a toilet bowl with screw on nozzles, not quick connects!
          Regards, Bill

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            Re: 1/4" vs 3/8" jetter hose

            so thats why bill like to run 5000 psi.............i get it Thanks