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No Corrode Sewer Pipe and Jetters

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  • No Corrode Sewer Pipe and Jetters

    I am buying the KJ-3100 and am wondering if anyone has experience with cleaning 4 inch no-corrode sewer line with a jetter. Do you ever have to turn down the PSI in order to not cut through this stuff???

    I know that when this pipe pinches and you try to clean it with a 4 inch or 3 inch cutter, you can put a hole through it.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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      Re: No Corrode Sewer Pipe and Jetters

      most likely he's talking about orangeburg pipe. Sewer History: Articles

      a jetter will defiantly soften the pipe is left in the same spot.

      the pipe is nothing more than wood cellous and tar, pitch.

      a snake will also damage the line if the pipe is not round.

      not much you can do. if it's broken, replace it. a jetter will be safer on oval pipe, but you have o keep it moving.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: No Corrode Sewer Pipe and Jetters

        About half of my City is built with this stuff. The Municipality calls it "No Corrode" Pipe. Rick is right ^^^

        Here, the sewers are 6-10 feet underground. I have made a small fortune off of replcacing these when they collapse or pinch so badly that it cannot be cleaned(usually $2400)

        I have to clean these pipes EVERY DAY, but I've only done it with cables and cutters.

        Thanks Rick!

        I will also ask around to some of my friends who are oddly also my competitors.
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