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  • Jetter nozzles

    Just received 4 new nozzles , All 1/4". 2 ,rotating 5.5 sewer nozzles
    1, laser , 1, ram. What's the best application for both. 2500 psi, 3 gal. a min. Pressure washer conversion. Area drains 4" and 1 1/2"-2" house lines Tanks Tool
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    Re: Jetter nozzles

    tool, you know to come here before you buy the wrong stuff

    hate to tell you that the 5.5 nozzles are too large for your specs.

    you're more at a 4-4.5 nozzle size.

    your ram nozzle will be the strongest puller and your rotating nozzles will make the most noise. not necessarily the best cleaners in that size range.

    here is a basic nozzle chart for you to refer too.

    Nozzle Sizing Chart

    phoebe it is