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2 pumps into one line ???

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  • 2 pumps into one line ???

    Hey guys wondering if anyone has ever tried this. I have been line jetting small lines 1.5 to 4 inch with a 4000 psi 4 gallons per minute pump with a propane boiler to heat the water seems to work well for the restaurant lines filled with grease. I would like to get more water flow to make sure im flushing the stuff away properly so as not to create a block farther down the line and as well give me the ability to do larger lines. was thinking today if I bought the exact same pump I have could I hook them into a manifold to a larger jetter line 3/4 or 1 inch (whatever I would require to take 8 gpm) would this work. I am not sure if the pumps would interfere with eachothers unloaders or any other problems im not thinking of