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Power spin not retracting

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  • Power spin not retracting

    Hi - Is it possible to wear out a power-spin snake after only 4 or 5 uses? I replaced the cable but for some reason when I squeeze the trigger, the cable won't retract into the drum. (it retracts a little and then just skips) Do the wheels on the trigger wear down so the cable doesn't get fed into the drum anymore? Do I buy a new snake or can I replace the trigger? Thanks and my apologies if I shouldn't be posting this question here..

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    Re: Power spin not retracting

    I do not own one but from what I have read here they do not hold up to heavy use. More for the occaional home use.


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      Re: Power spin not retracting

      I suggest you clean and oil the autofeed unit.


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        Re: Power spin not retracting

        I doubt the bearings have any wear on them after 4-5 uses. They probably do have a layer of grease or soap on them, though. Since they rely on friction to make the cable feed out, slippery stuff coating them will make it hard to feed. A good cleaning of the bearings is likely to fix the problem if you already have a clean cable.