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only jetter or also cables ????

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  • only jetter or also cables ????

    hello again,

    I have started some years ago only with electric eels and this jear with some help of Plumber Rick, i bought a nice jetter ( 3000 psi 8 gallons).

    I notice that every day I am working more with the jetter and less with the cables.

    I am happier when I have both things in the van and it gibe me surenes, but is it really necesary ?

    Can I really do all jobs only with the jetter and the right nozzles ?

    I somebody working only with a jetter ?

    The most works I have are inside the house and 4" pipes and also +-2" pipes.

    Hope somebody have some good opinions and can help.

    Thanks to everybody

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    Re: only jetter or also cables ????

    I do both. I prefer cables. What I'm used to and they rarely let me down. Good to have both options. I'd say I cable 90% of my sewer clogs, and jet the rest.
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      Re: only jetter or also cables ????

      you really need both the jetter and cables.

      alex/ ace sewer is primely jet. but i know he also has cables too.

      i'm doing a lot more work now with sewer mains with roots and area drains with roots and mud with my jetter than my cables than before.

      you need both especially for inside work on tubs with unaccessible traps.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: only jetter or also cables ????

        I mostly jet everything now but have decided not to sell any cable machines as they are still necessary for some jobs. They each have their place but I prefer using the jetter.
        Cheers Phil.