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snaking into city main from house lateral

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  • snaking into city main from house lateral

    Can this get You in trouble ?
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: snaking into city main from house lateral

    Here, you are required to make every possible effort to clear the lateral before filing a Sewer Report with the Water & Sewer Dept. even if that means snaking the lateral that's on city property. They have requirements on size of cable and horsepower you should be using to clear mains. If you get hung up in THEIR pipe it's not a big deal as long as you are licensed and bonded with the city.

    But, if you have an inexpierienced plumber throwing too much cable down the line not paying attention to where the city main is, he gets hung up out in the street, that's a problem.


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      Re: snaking into city main from house lateral

      out here the homeowner is responsible for the main all the way to the city wye/ saddle. this would be all 6'' from the sidewalk to the saddle. the wye/ saddle is either in the center of the street + or - or alley. so it's very common to have 40' + of 6'' pipe to deal with.

      most issues tend to be where the 4'' building drain drops on a 45 to meet the lateral under the sidewalk and transition to a 6'' wye. or at the connection to the city saddle/ wye. out here most of my outside stoppages are root related. where plumbers/ cleaners get in trouble is when they overshoot the 6'' saddle connection and end up in the city 8''+ main. the cable can flip in the large line or grab bigger roots and not be able to pull them back through the 6x4'' wye.

      i always document my distance and use that for future reference. a camera makes it simple to know your distance, but if the line is stopped up with no prior knowledge, you need to go by feel and not overshoot the main too far.

      with my jetter, it's very simple to know when you enter the city main and document the footage. the jet blast diverts from the clean out and now starts to send out the puffs from the manhole key way. not sure is a small jetter will show these signs, but at 18gpm at 4000# it's pretty simple.

      i have 2 scheduled for today.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: snaking into city main from house lateral

        Out here the home owners sewer responsibility ends at the tap on the city main
        If i dint go into the main every time I'm not doing my job
        we just have to know were the city line is and know what it feels like dropping into it


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          Re: snaking into city main from house lateral

          It was almost an issue for me once... Was 180' out in a 6" (god knows why) service with 3/4" machine, well into main and on purpose. Had popped it a while ago and was making multiple passes cleaning the thing up and running far enough to be sure I was in the main when the phone rang. Wally from the town was asking me if I knew anything about something on that street as he'd got a call and his guys were a couple manholes down shooting the vactor up the main just to be sure it wasn't their main making the problem. We missed tangling by a phone call. Turns out the building next door shared the service and had called the san district while the building I was in had just called me.

          I do love a small town.
          This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.