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Gravity flow for sewer jetter

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  • Gravity flow for sewer jetter

    I have a 13 hp honda gas motor direct drive ez4040g pump giving me 4000psi @ 4 gpm
    i am planning to connect this unit to a 250 gal tank will the gravity flow of the tank will be enough to provide adequate water to the pump or should i install a 12 volt water pump to the system

    i mainly will use this system to clean 4" foundation "french" drain with a 200' ΒΌ" hose

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    Re: Gravity flow for sewer jetter

    Check with the pump suppliers recommendation as each pump is different. Most low volume pumps are fine with the gravity feed from a water tank because the one-way valve draw water. Make sure you have a full flow inline strainer between the tank and the pump and you have a vent on the tank to prevent vacuum lock and consequential pump cavitation/damage.

    If the pressure and flow from your pump decreases considerably when connected to the tank I would fit a 12v bilge pump in the bottom of the tank to boost the pressure.
    Regards, Bill

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      Re: Gravity flow for sewer jetter

      Thanks Bill will give it a try in the spring



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        Re: Gravity flow for sewer jetter

        I would say it's "iffy". Most of the direct drive pumps run at about 3400rpm and do not generate enough vacuum. With a gear drive or belt drive the rpm is about 1450 and they generate a lot more vacuum. (the stroke of the piston is longer). there are some direct drives that will pull from a tank though, keep the feed line as short as possible and as large a diameter as possible will help.