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  • Ridgid K-50 mainenance

    I have received an old K50 machine from a retired plumber. I don't think it has been greased very often. How much grease do I place inside where the two grease nuts are? Any other maintenance advice would be very welcome as well as any tips in using this machine.

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    Good plumber,
    I would recommend a couple of shots in to each grease fitting. The most important thing is to displace any water from the two shafts in the unit. This is one of the biggest problems I have seen. The shafts if not lubricated properly will rust and then eventually seize up. Another important thing I would check is the two drainage ports on the rear of the machine. These are designed to allow water from the cable to drain out of the machine. Sometimes these ports can become clogged and the water can accumulate and eventually damage the motor. Just make sure they are unplugged, you can use the pin key to do this. In addition to this make sure that the machine has the shorter leg in the correct position. This short leg should be in the rear of the machine directly in back of the drainage ports. This ensures that the water will run out of the machine. I have seen many units that have had the legs altered so that it sits level. This can also cause the water to accumulate as before. As far as operation of the machine goes, we have our operator's manuals online for you to review and download. From our home page you would click on Help Desk then select Owners Manuals from here you would select drain cleaning and then sectional machines. This manual will provide you with some good operating tips. I hope this is of some assistance.


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      When you say old K-50. I have two K-50's that the casting is two parts. When I remove the upper casting, the motor is standing alone on three legs, the drive gear exposed. Every year I remove the top and clean. I put a tacky grease on the bevel gears.

      Best wishes, Dennis......