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crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

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  • crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

    whats some of the crazier things you guys have pulled out of a drain?
    i pulled a plastic drinking glass out of a floor sink a week ago. the glass fit into the 3'' drain perfectly. it was at a chain restaraunt. i got one of the more slender cooks to stick his arm into the drain and grad it. ( my are would only fit into to my elbow) then friday in a mop sink drain, i pulled out a 9'' roller cover the painter dropped in. also about 20 price tags. it was a clothing store. gotta be some goodstories about this stuff...

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    Re: crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

    My toilet auger pulled a beer can out of a toilet one time. I have no idea how it made it's way that far down the line. I liked to pulled the toilet off the floor trying to get my auger back out.



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      Re: crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

      Years ago when I was a young plumber,
      I had a restaurant manager ask me how come they had to call my company out to snake their floor sinks,
      I opened the clogged drain they had called in that morning,
      then I went a around the whole restaurant pulling all the trash and garbage out of their floor sinks
      piling it on the floor next to the drain even on the dining room carpet,
      then I went and got the manager and led him around showing him all the little piles
      he said but the bus boys are supposed to clean that out I just said whatever

      Another same restaurant the mans room toilet was clogged I could not get the closet auger to go
      thru the trap so i pulled it off the wall and found a big Irish spud stuck in outlet and the mgr.
      Said what the fxxx I told I thought it came from his own kitchen as I didn't think a customer
      would go to all the trouble of bringing one from home just clog his toilet
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        Re: crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

        toilets actually/ a carrot over a foot long (seriously?), and a handfull of hypodermic needles....


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          Re: crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

          About eleven years ago we installed several water softeners in a high end retirement home that was under construction. We were called in at the last minute to do the job and were given the weekend complete the project. The following Monday was the final. When we got to the laundry install, the floor sink we were going to discharge too was located in this mini-closet. Frigging door was four feet tall, and around 30" wide. What made thing so funny was they water heater was in that room also. We laughed because we figured the poor sap that eventually would have to replace the heater was going to have to pull half the wall out. How it got approved I have no idea. Anyways we finish our installation at around 4:00pm Sunday and pressure check everything. All looks good. We start cycling the unit to purge it and within a few minutes water is pouring out of the door. We climb through to find water overflowing out of the floor sink. I am figuring someone dropped a fitting into the sink and forgot to fish it out. We tried for several hours to clear the drain. We got past the trap and into it a couple of feet and could go no further. We ended up leaving around midnight.

          I came out to the job first thing the following morning to talk with the GC on the remedies. I figured we were going to have to jack the floor out, and start fixing all the water damage, especially to the resident room directly underneath. When I brought him back a showed him he just started laughing. Turns out the concrete guys had a tiff with the site plumbers and when they were pouring the floors they pulled the plugs on a half dozen or so floor sinks and filled them with concrete, some how pressured the concrete out of the trap, probably with a plunger and then put the plug back in place. In the long run we were off the hook for everything.


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            Re: crazy things found in floor/mop sinks.

            Not so much what I found but the damage caused by a clogged floor sink.

            Got called out some twenty years ago on massive restaurant flood. This restaurant was on the second floor of a specialty outdoor style mall. Directly under it was a GAP department store. The restaurant hood system had an auto wash down cycle that would go off every night when the crew left. It would use approximately 750-1000 gallons of water auto washing the entire hood system, all within a very short period of time. The floor sink that this drained into was located directly under and between the cooks line. The cooks would just throw greasy rags on the ground when they cleaned the grills and then kick them throughout the day under the stoves. As the pile increased it finally pushed back and into the floor drain.

            The water damage from that one flood caused close to a half million in inventory damage to the GAP, not to mention the repairs to the ceiling and flooring in the restaurant. The kitchen in this restaurant was built to code, so the water went out of the kitchen, (water proof flooring) and into the dining area which had hard wood floors.