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  • On site bill collection

    Has anyone started collection of payment on site with the new card swipe technology out(IPad, Smartphone,etc.)

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    Re: On site bill collection

    i've done it for years

    old school technology. i hand them a bill and they hand me a check

    but recently i started to take credit cards. i use the "square" on my smart phone.

    cost nothing to get from the company. no monthly fees and only a 2.75% fee per use.

    so a $100.00 charge cost you $2.75 and nets out to $97.50 into your bank account.

    the 5 times i've used it has been perfect.

    i opened up a specific account at the bank and called it square. easy to monitor for any activity.

    if you're in a hurry, you can buy 1 at radio shack for $10.00 and get the $10.00 back as a credit on your first transaction.

    so far so good.

    but 99.9% of my work is still paid by check.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: On site bill collection

      I use square for credit great and fast and no hassle.....highly recommend.....
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        Re: On site bill collection

        i also use square have for a year now and love it. Android user
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          Re: On site bill collection

          I have not heard of Square! Looks pretty easy.

          Anyone using the Intuit Quickbooks credit card system? I'm using Quickbooks connect on my iphone and it has been great, was thinking about using the credit card system too. I think I will probably go that route to integrate easier with my accounting program


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            Re: On site bill collection

            Last year, another local plumber told me about Square. Been using it ever since. Prefer checks, but I deal with a lot of seasonal and out of towners who want to use their credit cards. I looked into accepting cards before square; all kinds of costs and fees. Fine for an all day retailer, I need something on occasion. Works fine on my Android phone.