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Water storage container for a jetter

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  • Water storage container for a jetter

    Anyone have any suggestions for finding a 100 gallon storage container? I am going to put a boiler/water tower fill valve in it to hook it to a hose while I am jetting. I guess an over sized drain at the bottom and a hose drain a little above that so I don't get trash to the pump. Beyond that I could use suggestions for set up. I plan on putting it in the back of my truck over the back axle. I have a GMC 3500 with a utility body. I guess a chemical tank is best?
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    I welded an 8"x8" plate to an old chisel bit for my Dewalt sds max concrete drill to compact under sewer lines. This does not replace an actual tamper, but it works amazing for compacting under small sections for repairs etc. The plate fits under the pipe and can compact very well and is control it without damaging pipe. I don't know if you can buy one or just make one up, but I found it very handy.


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      Re: Tamper

      sorry, posted on wrong thread


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        Re: Tamper

        you can buy plastic tanks of about any type and size one can think of used a lot in Agriculture, also if you can find a chemical tote could be a go way to go,
        (picture is of a chemical tote,
        some places will give them away instead of sending them back) there a little larger than what you suggested, tho),

        just an example of the type of product that is out there, (not suggesting the site, but posted for information purposes) Water Tanks, Plastic Tanks, RV Tanks, Custom Plastic Tanks, Poly Tanks, Storage Tanks

        If there is any farm supply stores in your area they may be able to get you some thing and save the shipping.
        my be a different supplier,

        (and if one wanted to one to tie wo 55 gallon drums together for 100 gallons)


        in my oppion I would go bigger than 100 gallons, your truck should easly be able to handle 2 to 3 hundred gallons, if you have jetter of any gallons 100 gallons is not much jetting time,
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          Re: Tamper

          Try TSC(Tractor supply Company) the one near me has tanks from 25 gal to over 100 gal.


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            Re: Tamper

            Also might want to check with any local mill/factories to find out who they give/sell their old tanks to.

            55gal drums and those tanks are everywhere here. They come from the local Tannery. Last time I bought I think I paid $5 for 55 gal and $50 for the tanks (300 gal)
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