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    Re: Adjustable Cutters

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    can i be a substitute teacher too

    forget bringing apples, bring me a shake

    problem with the 4x6 ridgid cutter is just as easy as it springs open, it springs shut. i believe it's the centrifugal force that keeps it open and the more speed, the better chance it stays open.

    Rick you have taught me something tonight. I dont think many would believe that the spring would shut. I didnt have mine long enough to work out the good and bad points unfortunately


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      Re: Adjustable Cutters

      [QUOTE=Gettinit;375301]If nothing else it keeps a person honest to their work.....not so much their fees but you can't get it all. Around here the attitude is its anybody else's fault/problem. Nice to see someone step up for a change.[/QUOTE

      Sometime ago we had a system where the water boards used to authorise us to go int their asset if we thought we were close to the choke. Unfortunately there were some who ripped the system and then the privatisation created a company who got rid of us through slander and inuendo. The honest operators got slammed with an unfair bad reputation and the homeowners believed the BS that was peddaled to them. Nowadays the Water Boards are not ripping the ho off, they are one short of totally raping them. The Water Boards and their agreements are the most corrupt. So unfortunately we arent able to challenge these cowboys as their publicity machine backed by their size and resource leave us out in the cold again. However I sit with my head high as one of the Honest Contractors. I believe Tony AFM too is one of the good guys too]