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Best vehicle for drain cleaning

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    Re: Best vehicle for drain cleaning



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      Re: Best vehicle for drain cleaning

      Sewerrat66 I like that set up, looks easy to work out of, getting equipment in and out. No matter how easy it is at the truck, we still have to lug the equipment up and down stairs in the houses. How do you like the American Jetter unit.


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        Re: Best vehicle for drain cleaning

        Cab Over with a 14 foot box is what I drive. Screw the cargo vans, I did that crap and it sucks! Box truck this the only way to go! 3/4 or 1 ton truck with a utility bed and pipe rack works well for plumbing, if your doing new construction, but in the service industry you need the space of the box truck.
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          Re: Best vehicle for drain cleaning

          Originally posted by AssTyme View Post

          Don't knock it man. There is a plumbing outfit in Chicago that has 2 of them. Pretty cool looking and really easy to park in the city.

          I had a utility truck with an enclosed bed that was pretty nice to work out of. With the recent birth of my first child I have since moved into a Chevy 3/4 crew cab 6.5' bed with an Aluminum capper with side toolboxes and a slide out bed. It's my work and personal vehicle. I also have a cargo platform with a ramp for putting heavy equipment or water heaters on without having to take everything out of the bed. I do plumbing and drain cleaning. I needed a vehicle that could fit both my tools and my family...and fit into my 7' garage.

          I worked out of cargo vans for a long time and I will never go back. I will never crawl around in a vehicle again looking for parts.

          If you have the space, go with a box truck or stepvan.

          that my 2 cents
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            Re: Best vehicle for drain cleaning

            It's personal preference and individual circumstance. Theft isn't an issue here. Parking is. Driving on slick roads is. Kepping things warm is. Getting inside parking garages and being able to manouver onece inside is required. Trailers are out. Box trucks are out. Extended vans are out. Pick-ups freeze the jetters and you cant get as much in them. For me it's cargo vans. I like GMC's, but whatever. Wish the Vauxhall's I saw in England were avail here.
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