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  • Shower drain fail

    1.5" ci shower drain, tile shower, @ 50 y.o. house, slab on grade. K-39 with 5/16" w/bulb end, 5/16" straight cable with a bend in the end. K-60 with 5/8" cable ( no cutter or cutter adapter) with a bend in the end. Tried reverse, negative. Can get around the p-trap but thats it.

    RR was out before me so was really hoping for success. 2.5 hrs with zero progress.

    Had the same scenario a few months ago, got the 5/16 cable thru, got hung up but got it out. restored flow but thats about it.

    Last week another customer poured parafin wax down kitchen drain, again a 50y.o. house, could only get 5/16" cable down the ci double santee because of hard build up, wound up cutting out santee. It took a hammer and chisel to break out the build up. No problem with the 2' line once I could get a proper cutter in.

    Any suggestions? I've got 2 weeks before the tile guy comes out to demo shower floor.


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    Re: Shower drain fail

    You need to fabricate yourself a 5/8" reverse auger


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      Re: Shower drain fail

      Try a closet auger. Helpful when the blockage is close by and needs a push and can't be cut. I discovered this on a job when the wife shredded a bag of lemons through the garbage disposal and they were stuck in the dirty arm.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Shower drain fail

        i had 1 a few weeks ago on a second floor shower that the owners hadn't used in the 4 years they lived there in a 1920 home. got 20' in with my 5/16'' and 5/8'' cables. tried for over an hour and came back polished with a 4 blade cutter and reverse auger.

        turned out the comby under the house was a solid rust bucket that was not coming out. i guess 4 years of rust buildup plugged the comby solid and nothing was getting through it.

        there are times when the stoppage is beyond cleaning and this was one of them. very rarely do i come across a line that's not penetrable.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Shower drain fail

          Have you tried the roof vent with a bigger cable and cutter?


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            Re: Shower drain fail

            If there is CI debris in the trap, I've had success in removing enough of it with a magnet to allow the snake to get through.