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not a normal trailer jetter ???

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  • not a normal trailer jetter ???

    Hello again,

    I can buy here in Europe-Spain for a very good price a trailer jetter.

    The only think is that it is not the normal flow/pressure configuration.

    THe trailer is very new from last year.

    37 gallons per minute at 725 psi.

    Will this be good for blockages ??????

    I am a little but confused.

    THe trailer was working on a big company which does Roadwork. road sewers-drains

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    Re: not a normal trailer jetter ???

    pretty much useless unless you want to flood the place.

    the purpose of it is a flushing unit, used to help wash out large bore pipe.

    2000 psi is about the minimum that's been found to work. but remember that they flow large diameter hoses to flow that volume so the pressure loss is minimal.

    what are you using now that you've been at it for a couple years?

    phoebe it is


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      Re: not a normal trailer jetter ???


      I am using my following the following configuration of my 2 vans:

      One Van: An Uk unit. 3000 Psi and 8 Gallons 20 Hp Honda Motor

      Small Van: 3500 Psi 4 Gallons 13 HP Honda motor.

      But this is like an Virus for me, all the time searching, looking and comparing products and looking for the best and to do not spend so much money.

      My Dream will be to have a Truck like a Vector, but to much money to much maintance to much insurance, and to much diesel.