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  • Drain Inspection business

    Hi im new to this site although i have been reading posts for some time now. I am a licensed plumber and a licensed Gas Fitter up here in toronto ontario. I am toying with the idea of starting a sewer camerea inspection business , there are many older homes in toronto and they sell for 500 000 and up . So my plans are to buy a sewer camera and offer this service on a part time basis,1 per week would be great etc.... What are peoples thoughts on providing this service? and how much would you charge ? Would you buy an expensive see snake by ridgid or a discount camera from probuilt ? Is it possible to profit offering this service , All comments and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I work 4 days per week full time so i have , 3 day weekends to explore a side business.

    thx for reading, all comments welcome

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    Re: Drain Inspection business

    Yes, you can earn profit for that. The most important thing is you know your target customers. In this way, you can easily work for your market.
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