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Lateral CIPP pipe patches

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  • Lateral CIPP pipe patches

    Who's using them and what are your results? Which system did you choose and why? Any issues one brand has over another? Thanks.
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    Re: Lateral CIPP pipe patches

    We bought Source One Environmental PipePatch (Fernco) early this year. We are happy with the results but honestly Ben I have zero experience with any other brand. The reason we went with them is because of recommendations on this forum as well as DCF, and because it is so easy to get into.

    The only thing I do know is that I personally would avoid anything produced by Perma-Liner (personal opinion only). They make good equipment as far as I know, but basically everything they produce is an almost exact copycat of someone else's technology and so based on principal I would stick with the original. I had heard this quite a while ago about lateral lining equipment and supposedly there have been patent lawsuits and now I notice they are offering a point repair system and the kits look absolutely identical to S1E's PipePatch kits.