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  • Camera Reel Cover......

    I won't be using my large camera reel much so I'd like to have a somewhat durable cover for it while it sits in the van.

    Any ideas on what to use ???

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    Re: Camera Reel Cover......

    What about a fender cover? Dual purpose and easily washed with a hose.
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      Re: Camera Reel Cover......

      an upholsterer and a big section of Naugahyde. i had covers for my guitar amps done. the materials were about $20.00 and the labor was $25.00 per amp cover.
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        Re: Camera Reel Cover......

        Spare Tire Cover for those vans that mount the tire on the back door. Spare Tire Cover — 15in. | Tire + Wheel Accessories | Northern Tool + Equipment
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          Re: Camera Reel Cover......

          either get an aluminum compartment fabricated so it can be secured and safe. or throw together some plywood and 2x2's.

          i don't use the wheels so mine is not as wide and stores much better.

          phoebe it is