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Commercial kitchen jetters

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  • Commercial kitchen jetters

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    Re: Commercial kitchen jetters

    I can not say anything about effectiveness but they have electric jetters that run on 15 amp breakers. They are 1.5 hp, otherwise same specs I believe.
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      Re: Commercial kitchen jetters

      i don't believe 15 amp breakers are allowed in commercial installations. basically it would be 14 gage wire and i don't believe that's legal for commercial.

      commercial kitchens are nice as they have plenty of counter outlets and most are dedicated circuits. especially when you see a 20 amp outlet.

      1.5 hp will usually have lower pressure. some just lower the volume.

      2 hp on my machines are 1500# at 2.1gpm.

      ok for 2'' lines, but cast iron with hard grease build up is not easy with that pressure. you'll get the softer surface build up, but not the real hard built up scale. especially on gal pipe.

      of course with plastic, a garden hose will clean it at 50#.

      ben, you will be disappointed compared to your gas jetter. as long as you know it's limitations, then you'll be fine. borrow 1 of mine and take it for a test drive before you buy

      phoebe it is