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    Re: Wow.... No way!!!!!

    Originally posted by SewerRatz View Post
    My father has been cleaning sewers for over 50 years, and he has known Marvin all of them. Marvin also has seen a lot over the years. I can tell you I am 100% positive a harsh acid was in the sewer, and it will ruin a oiled temper cable. As Marvin said music wire rests it much better than oil tempered. The acid does not corrode the cable, it gets into the pours of the steal and changes the temper of the cable. Oiled tempered cable is very porous, where music wire cable is a lot less porous, so it can resist the damage of acid.

    Oh note our name "A - Archer Sewer and Plumbing" Notice Sewer comes before plumbing? We been cleaning sewers for 50+ years, I have been cleaning sewers official just over 20 years, unofficially 30+ years. The unofficial part was when I worked summers and spring breaks with my father, he has taught me a whole lot. I also learned a lot from Marvin at Allan J Coleman.

    All Clear, I was wondering what brand cable is that, along with do you know if its music wire or not?



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      Re: Wow.... No way!!!!!

      Originally posted by AssTyme View Post
      I believe all eel cables are music wire. DCD, I believe, sells music wire. If it is music wire it seems to be posted proudly in between the cable size and the high price to its
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        Re: Wow.... No way!!!!!

        Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
        I have been doing this since the early 80`s and have never seen a broken cable in the drum. We run water while we clear the sewers so the cable comes back clean. I`m heading out to Sturgis for the week so when I get back we`ll test some ACID.

        bhead62, Yea "A couple of months" Note the name of my business"ALL CLEAR SEWER" We do this all day long, not just once every other week.
        All Clear, did you do this test yet?
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