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  • K-60 idea

    Good morning. I have been using the K-60 for a few months now and I am loving it. 100% success rate so far. 7/8" cable for everything outside and 4" lines inside. 5/8" cable on smaller lines beyond the trap. Most of the work that I do is in finished areas including finished basements for the main lines. I am trying to think of ways to streamline the process of loading and unloading the cables. Let me throw an idea out there. If I would take some 2" flex pvc (or something similar) and load the cable into the pvc would I be able to run the cable through the K-60? I would load the pvc into the cable carrier. The benefits would be that there wouldn't be any splatter and unloading and loading the cable would be a matter of pulling from and pushing into the flex pvc. Pushing back in might be to difficult but I should be able to "snake" the cable back in using the K-60 itself. I would also need to keep the cable carrier from spinning.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: K-60 idea

    glad you like/ love the k-60 like me

    problem will be the stickeyness of the pvc hose, especially the hose being wound up in the carrier.

    even if the flex hose is laid out onto the ground, you will have similar issues. the flex pvc is still not straight hose and the cable will not want to pull in or out to easily.

    metallic water proof flex would be less of a drag. the grey stuff with the metal liner like the electricians use for connecting air conditioning units up on the roof. basically the same stuff that already comes with the k-60 in black.

    this will be bulky and heavy and still will need to be laid out as a tight wound hose will still be a lot of drag.

    5/8'' cable is easier to do the metallic hose with, but 7/8'' will be disappointment due to the above issues.

    my 5/8'' is now being run in an open oil drain pan with a rolled lip. similar to what gearjunky/ ben posted, but with no hose. just the catch 5 gallon catch pan with the k-50 in the center and the cable wound inside the pan. the rolled lip keeps the 5/8'' cable from jumping out and the k-50 in the center contains the cable and any drippings.

    for me when i need to use the 7/8'' inside a home, carpet, i will just connect my guide hose and an 1.5'' straight section of hose. allows me to handle 2 cables at a time contained from running on the carpet or floor.

    phoebe it is