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  • New Nozzles

    Just got some new 3/8" nozzles in.

    Rotor jet
    Pusher Round Hex
    Flusher Button
    Thruster 3R 1F Button
    Thruster 6R 1F Button
    Monster Button
    Degreaser J Nozzle

    I have a cart jetter, Root Ranger, the above nozzles, a little electric jetter for 2" and below with 75' 3/16" hose and an assortment of nozzles for it. Do you think I can actually start advertising jetter services at this point and jump on in? Or, should I offer it when the time comes for an option? I have a local rooter company that I like and they do not do plumbing so if I need the big guns, they are there for me.
    • leak detection
    • drain cleaning
    • utility locating
    • conductor fault locating
    • and other specialties.

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    Re: New Nozzles

    Why have that equipment just sit? With your setup, you can easily do up to 6". Nice to have that rooter company around but you should move on and let everyone know that you're jetting
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      Re: New Nozzles

      nothing wrong with letting your customers know you do drain cleaning, jetting and inspections. but you better start practicing with that jetter to know what works and what combination is best. some of those nozzles will be paper weights and some will be worth their weight in gold

      better start with your house first and then your friends and family next. jetting can be some of the messiest work if you don't have the hang of it.

      phoebe it is