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8 million in jetters / vacs

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  • 8 million in jetters / vacs

    1 of our major freeways is getting widened for the last couple of years. probably one of the most traveled sections of roadway in the country. it's a never ending project and you might have heard the term "carmegeddon" at the end of this month they will be shutting down the freeway to demolish the second half of the muholland overpass so it can be rebuilt with the support columns pushed out another lane each direction. making it 6 lanes wide each side plus emergency lanes.

    talk about having equipment available at their disposal. look at the staging area for a fleet of 16 combination jetter and vacuum units. most likely around 1/2 million each with all the accessories. not quite sure why they need all this equipment for the freeway widening, but we're all paying for it. so next time you come to visit los angeles and drive towards the san fernando valley, you can appreciate all the manpower and equipment that went into it.


    at least 16 combination units at this staging location
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