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Concrete/Stone in sewer line

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  • Concrete/Stone in sewer line

    I have a 4" sewer line. A plumber came and used SeeSnake to inspect. We saw a big concrete/stone (3.5" diameter) stuck in the pipe (15' from the toilet/floor). The mini-rooter/snake couldn't get through it at all.

    This is a new house. The sewer gets clogged 3 times in 2 years. We suspect the builder left it there during the construction.

    Any suggestion?
    1. Try to fix it by myself with sewer jetter or vacuum truck? (maybe get paid back if builder could cover the cost later)
    2. Directly talk with builder to let them fix (they may fight back saying not their responsibility)
    3. Find a lawyer to fire a case aganist builder (may have to pay lawyer a lot)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Concrete/Stone in sewer line

    Assuming it is a slab on grade house....

    1. If a vac truck can get in the main then that will be the easiest. If they have to go through your house, I would have drop cloths ready for the vacuum truck hose.

    2. I would talk to the builder first anyway. With the video it would be hard to refute. He will "try" and get the plumber out there and at the very least you will have their answer to follow through as you deem fit.

    3. Always try to talk it out first. Give them a chance to make it right.

    It is hard to imagine anything getting by the concrete since it would take up the entire pipe. Can it be pushed to an outside cleanout? Is there one outside? This may be a good time to get one.
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      Re: Concrete/Stone in sewer line

      something is fishy. 3.5" object in a 4" line clogs 3 times in 2 years? more like 3 times in two weeks, maybe two days.
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        Re: Concrete/Stone in sewer line

        I find it very hard to determine size of things in a pipe, mostly because the camera is usually at the bottom of the pipe and it makes things look bigger than they are.
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          Re: Concrete/Stone in sewer line

          san diego is 120 miles for me and i've done favors there in the past

          your best bet is to contact the builder if the house is less than 10 years old.

          also a great independant jetter co and also a forum member is wayne aka "waytay" on the forum. with the right jetting nozzle and camera, he should be able to push the stone out to coronado bay

          if you need his number, post your email and i'll send it to you.

          phoebe it is