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rick come on over, we're having a pooh party

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  • rick come on over, we're having a pooh party

    so sunday i get a call from my customer that is throwing a pool party in their newly purchased 1.6mil. soon to be torn down house. all 3 bathrooms are backed up and no cleanout to be found. the house is at least 20' above street elevation.

    i located the 2'' kitchen drop in the garage and it had a durham wye with a 2'' x 1/2'' brass bushing capping the top of the wye. i knew we were going to get wet and the owner was already in his pool attire. so off comes the 1/2'' plug and out comes the fountain of water pretty clean as it only had a 1/2'' opening to squirt from.

    today / monday i return with my trailer jetter and 1/4'' screwdriver nozzle. cleared it at approx 36' into the 2'' x 4'' line. continued to the city saddle at approx 90'.

    made a few passes and ran the garden hose full blast.

    the house is coming down in december to make room for their dream home. so no need to install a 4'' outside cleanout at this time.


    as you can see it was a clean gyser for a few minutes.

    screwdriver nozzle brought up the kitchen sink grease.

    sewer saddle is a good 20' drop lower than the elevated garage line.

    1/4'' screwdriver nozzle at 4400# at the pump and approx. 3700 at the nozzle with 250' of 1/4'' hose.
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    phoebe it is