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The One's I Always Seem to Get?!?

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  • The One's I Always Seem to Get?!?

    Just relieving stress. Read if you like. Any input or ideas are appreciated.

    So I get a call for a no flush at a business. I've been there before for the same thing not long ago. Hmmmmm.....

    I tell them I'm gonna' camera the line this time 'cause something is just not right. Get there, cable the line and get things moving. Flush, run water, flush. Things seem to be working ok. I camera the line. PVC for 35' clean as a whistle. Then I start to hit water. Then go under water for about 5'. Then come out of the water and see open pipe.

    Simple belly in the line right? As I'm looking into the open line on the other side of the belly, I see this rush of water coming at me. Huh? Puts me under water, then it recedes and I can see the line again.

    Turns out that's from the business next door. Talk to them. Find out they share the line in some way. No matter what I do though, the camera and the cable will NOT turn outside. Goes straight from toilet A in unit 1 straight to unit B's toilets.

    The best I can figure is that someone has attached these two business' bathrooms with a non-directional fitting and it's in the belly where I can't see it. Unit B has the higher elevation and less stoppages, although they do have them at times. Found the shared outside cleanout. Looked in and it is open. Flush unit B and water flow increases reasonably.

    So I turn on the transmitter and start locating. Back and forth. From entrance point forward. Measure. Check. Want to get as close as possible like all of us to tell them where concrete will have to be cut.

    And the best I can figure, the belly is directly underneath two built in stainless freezers for the restaurant in unit B. Complete with steel floor.
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    Re: The One's I Always Seem to Get?!?

    I usually get those. Is there a time that they are both closed? I have had to go back in and run an air hose down the line with no one using the lines to just make sense of it all. With water in the line, you never know what is there. It could be a Combo and the next door neighbor tied into what was meant to be a vent or a clean out. I had one a few years ago. A dog grooming place next to a Starbucks. The Plumber "who is a friend of mine" said there were two sewer lines in the ground. He picked the wrong one. I ran my camera down the line and found the end capped under the starbucks, but I couldn't figure out where the water was slowly draining to. The sewer pipe was deeper on the starbucks end and a combo came up and tied into the Starbucks. Water was backing up down the line and then slowly siphoning its way to the main. It was crazy.
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      Re: The One's I Always Seem to Get?!?

      I ran into something like this in an apartment building. I wan a wet vac hose down the line to suck out the water at the 40' spot so I can see what kind of fitting I was dealing with. I was hoping they ran the sewer from the units shallow and tied them into a double wye making the drop to a deeper line out the building, and the clean out was covered over some where. Once the line was vacuumed out, I saw they used a double 90ยบ on its side. So we ended up locating it digging down, and installing a double combo on its side with a clean out off the back side. Was the best we where able to do.

      We did get lucky and the line ran down the middle of the hallway. I have had drains under freezers like that, but got lucky and was able to use a corning jetter nozzle to make the turn and clear the rest of the line.
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