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  • Kj 3100

    Has anyone else used this hydro jetter, I upgraded mine and the first time I used it the hose was rubbing together with another section of the hose and wore right through in about 2 minutes using on pulse mode. I contact ridgid and they brushed me off. I read the maunual from front to back and they do warn you that this MAY happen. The should change the wording to this WILL happen. Be careful, I think they just install poor quality hose

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    Re: Kj 3100

    Any pictures? Which hose got worn through?
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      Re: Kj 3100

      the hose that feeds the pedal, any other machine i've owned never had this problem, I'm new here but do have a picture and will up load it tomorrow. I'm just a little pissed with this as i can see new hoses on this machine arent far off


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        Re: Kj 3100

        Any Jetter on pulse mode for too long will wear your hose through especially if the hose rubs against something sharp. The same thing happens when the pump cavitates due to air getting into the pump from lack of water. I'd recommend short bursts on pulse mode only. I'd also recommend a smaller length of hose as a feeder hose like 3/16". This may save having to use the pulse mode all together. You can also slide a larger hose over the main hose at the start of the reel to prevent friction wear through your hose.
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          Re: Kj 3100

          typically you throttle down to lower the psi to approx 1500 psi. was the hose still on the reel that wore? or did it wear inside the pipe?

          i use caution when i use pulse. the hose will slide back and forth on the concrete and will wear on anything sharp or with edges.

          jetting is a learning process and the school of hard knocks applies to jetting.

          almost had a very expansive nozzle stuck today. almost rolled my truck on a job too. you learned a fairly inexpensive lesson on jetting and pulsation. the hose can easily be spliced together, shortened or ends put on. be glad it wasn't a camera cable.

          i find using the foot pedal is as good or better than pulsation most of the time.

          phoebe it is