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cable jetting and camera gloves

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  • cable jetting and camera gloves

    What are the best all around gloves for the job. The company I worked for before I moved used these yellow gloves with rubber bits all over the fingers. I believe they were called grizzley gloves. Has anyone else used these before?

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    Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

    yes, we called them ugly gloves.

    ok for drum machines, but don't held up well on the high speed sectional machines. also pretty stiff for handling small jetter hoses.

    i like the feel of leather welding gloves for my sectional cables. and for jetting, unless you're wearing an armored glove, all you need is a good gripping rubberized glove to keep you dry and add grip when pulling. camera i usually wear nytril gloves, sometimes the same jetting rubber gloves.

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      Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

      I prefer the yellow high cuff snake handlers, great forcabling.

      For jetting I prefer leather palm one.

      Just my choice.
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        Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

        I use the one ricks uses for jetting(cuz that what I learned I jetting 101) I usually use surgical for camera unless it gets involved then I use the yellow leather ones u get at Costco in a 3 pack (the ones the Cowboys use) for drain work (I'm a drum dude) double palm leather. Those ugly gloves are pathetic. To hard, I think co want their employees to wear them cuz its harder to work a cable properly, hence more dig ups etc, or maybe safer, or a win win. Smile


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          Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

          Theyre real good for running lines that have grease problems. Def agree though theyre stiff untill theyre broke in and, you cant feel the cable to well compared to leather work gloves. I just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on gloves and if there are better gloves then the ones I'm gonna be using.


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            Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

            Ugly gloves for the sectionals and surgical gloves for jetting and camera work.
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              Re: cable jetting and camera gloves

              Anyone use the Ridgid drain cleaning pvc gloves? If so, were they durable and about how long do they last as well as frequency used.