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Selling some Drain equipment

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  • Selling some Drain equipment

    I have decided to sell my barely used K-39AF and a 10 year old K-380 with cart and auto feed. I never liked the K-39AF or the K-380 and am curious as to what you think. Craigslist or Ebay? I am a little scared of craigslist. Any thoughts. Both machines work well, I just don't like them.
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    Re: Selling some Drain equipment

    I wouldn't be scared of Craigslist. Rather do it that way myself. Just like the old classifieds except to a larger audience.

    On their you may be able to sell it locally and done. No shipping or anything.

    What do you prefer to use for your drain work?


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      Re: Selling some Drain equipment

      I would go with craigslist but I never have people come to the house. I either take it to them or meet in a public place.
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        Re: Selling some Drain equipment

        Always meet in public places during the daytime.


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          Re: Selling some Drain equipment

          Try to sell away from your service area so you don't equip a "competitor" :-(


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            Re: Selling some Drain equipment

            Originally posted by NoeEttica View Post
            Try to sell away from your service area so you don't equip a "competitor" :-(
            i wouldn't be too worried. both those machines are very popular and were available at 1 time from home depot. there are literally 100,000's out in the field. now it's the k-45 and 400 sold there.

            i sold 1 of my trailer jetters on craigs list last year and had 5 people ringing me off the hook. i promised it to the first guy that contacted me and informed him it would be several week before i can let it go. he had time to get his finances together and i had time to get my new one delivered.

            of course this is a specialty item and people were calling from over 100 miles away. but it doesn't really matter as your competition is everywhere. what separates you from the competition are your loyal customers.

            i rather doubt his k-39 and 380 will put him in jeopardy of loosing his loyal customers. it's not like there aren't dozens on ebay every day.

            the great thing about craigs list is the fact you're dealing with locals most of the time. beats shipping hassles and sight unseen issues.

            now if i can only get craigs to open. seems to be offline the last 24 hours

            i think ben put a craigs blocker on my connection. he didn't want to compete with me

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Selling some Drain equipment

              whats the difference in the k-39af and k-45af?