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Sectionals on a Drill

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  • Sectionals on a Drill

    Part numbers seem to get forgotten, so I thought I would put them here.

    To run Electric Eel 1-1/4" sectional cables with a drill you need:

    1) Part# SC12-Shaft for Model C Machine
    2) Part# SC10-Front Coupling for Shaft-Has end to match 1-1/4" Cable connectors
    3) Part# RP316118-Spiral Pin to hold coupling onto shaft.

    1-1/4" Eel Sectional Cables are only listed as "Dual Cables" as of this post. Available in 8' & 10'.

    To change from the 1-1/4" cable driving coupling (Part# RP316118 above) to Eel 7/8" sectional "Dual J Cable" (NOT Model N cable) you need:

    1) Part# SJ7 adapter that clicks into the 1-1/4" drive coupling.

    Electric Eel "J" Cable 6J 7/8" available in 6' sections.

    Electric Eel offers a "J" Model Kit that includes:

    12 x 6' sections of J Cable w/carriers included (72')
    5 cleaning tool heads
    SJ7 Adapter

    This is just one way of doing it showing only Eel products. You may also be able to do similarly with Ridgid & General Wire. Anyone feel free to post accurately what will be needed to do this here.

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    Re: Sectionals on a Drill

    Which drill do you plan on using to spin the J cable ?