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For the 13hp jetter owners

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  • For the 13hp jetter owners

    Really for everyone but I figure this info will pertain more to them. Got my new jetter hose in and needed to size out the nozzle before making the order to aqua mole.

    Both hoses are with a 50' 3/8 jumper hose. Pump is 4gpm at 3500 psi.

    Old stuff:
    1/8 x 75 = 2000 psi pressure loss
    1/4 x 140 = 1000 psi pressure loss

    New stuff:
    3/16 x 50 = 900 psi pressure loss
    1/4 x 200 = 1200 psi pressure loss

    Figured to use a 4.5 nozzle for both hoses. Talked to Neil at aqua mole and he said the nozzle size is a good way to figure out what size you need. Very sharp guy btw.

    Pressure at 4.5 nozzle:
    1/4= 2700 psi
    3/16= don't know...didn't have the test tee assembled at the time and was only reading pump pressure at the time. By then was to lazy to get the 1/8 tested again.
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    Re: For the 13hp jetter owners

    I read this when you posted it,just wanted to say thanks.