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Snake fell into waste line

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  • Snake fell into waste line

    I also posted this in another section of the forum is the problem. I was snaking out a 2" waste line (from the 5th floor kitchen but I think the waste line ties into a 3" line further down) and the 3/8" snake came out of the machine and went zipping down the pipe. Sounded like it fell about 7 feet or so. My building has en extension on the third floor so the pipes take a horizontal turn in the ceiling as they make their way to the kitchens on the other side of the building. So it may be down there somewhere but of course it's hard to sat for sure.
    I see that Ridgid makes a "retrieval auger" for this kind of situation. Anyone have any experience with this? The only other way would be for me to have to bash into kitchen wall and/or ceilings to get to the pipe and then of course cut open some pretty old cast iron, patch it etc etc.... Can I get that snake out of there with out turning this into a MAJOR project? Can anyone help with this? It appears that Ridgid does NOT make this auger for a 3/8"snake so....what advice does anyone have?

    Thanks! Robert