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Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

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  • Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

    Talked to spartan today to try to get some info on an old jetter.

    1st call I got sent to a sales guy who didn't have a clue but nice enough an would pass my number to an expert he knew. When I asked for technical support in the jetting was understandable why I got transferred out to a salesman....not so much, smh.

    2nd call. talked to the "jetting expert" dept where I was told that 22hp engine, will put out 12gpm 3000 psi just like a 27hp engine will. When asked to talk to someone else, nope was the reply.

    3rd call. From the referred expert from the 1st call. The guy said. from the president of Spartan himself, the 22 hp puts out the same as there 27hp. I'll say it, the president of spartan, if he did say that, doesn't know jack on jetters.

    Unless the laws of physics don't apply to Spartan, you'd be looking at 33hp minimum. Undersized engines, clueless "experts".....yup, guess what jetter I'll never buy.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.

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    Re: Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

    You're not still perusing that jetter we talked about. Was Luke the salesperson?

    For years I tried to get answers from them about a larger machine. But they couldn't answer my question about diesel engines and the tier 4 requirements. They're using a 83hp diesel for 18gpm at4000 psi. Not only is it overkill, but doesn't fly out here for epa without a annual fee . Under 50 hp, no annual license. Everyone of the other companies use 49hp to get around the fees.

    As of Jan 1 this year, all diesels over 25hp have to meet tier 4 requirements .. not just tier 4 interim.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

      Luke was the first guy...alright, he didn't waste my time or try to tell me BS. Just got someone to waste my time.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

        I have an older Spartan jetter, dual axle, 18gpm, 4000psi that came with a 5/8 hose. It's been very reliable, built in Europe I think. Anyway, had it fixed couple of years ago in LA and come to find to out, the 5/8 hose isn't needed! 1/2in is fine. Wish I knew that twenty years ago.

        Spartan is a strange company sometimes....


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          Re: Spartan doesn't know squat about jetters

          yea 18 gpm 5/8" is over kill and harder on the bends in the pipe. But better to big than to small in jetting lol!
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