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Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

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  • Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

    have a K-3800 with a problem

    The 3/8 cable has been riding up in front of the inner drum
    and tangling up so the cable will not come out or in.

    I can spin the inner drum and the outer drum to loosen the cable
    but this slows down the job considerably.

    I have pushed the cable into the drum without it spinning so that it sits
    properly in the back of the drum but as soon as I start feeding out it tangles.

    This is a new cable properly installed.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you

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    Re: Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

    Disclaimer- I have not used this machine.

    Can you pull the cable all the way out of the drum and check it for kinks before feeding back in with some oil to lubricate the cable? Beyond that, it may be machine related.


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      Re: Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

      Also have you made sure that the cable is being loaded in the correct orientation? and what size cable and how many feet?
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        Re: Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

        And the machine is spinning in the right direction


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          Re: Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

          Thank you for your responses.

          I'm running 50' of 3/8 My Tana hollow core in pristine condition. All set up properly.
          Brought the machine in overnight and it seems to be working properly.

          My conclusion is a new cable with the sub zero temps of late not wanting to do
          what I want in the drum. Time will tell but we have another cold snap tomorrow.

          Thanks again


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            Re: Ridged K-3800 Drum Problem

            What is a " cold snap" in Minnesota? -25 degrees?

            You are probably correct, cold does lots of funny, unexplainable things to mechanical/electrical products. Especially during a cold snap!!