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  • snake oil

    what are you using on your cables to oil them. i have always used ridgid snake oil. but would like a cheaper way. i also have one that i found in a box that that had got wet from melting snow etc and the first 2 feet of the cable are rusty.
    i was thinking of just car oil. and for the rusty one soak it in car oil. 5 gal bucket.
    what do you think?
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    Re: snake oil

    I've tried atf. It's light weight oil. Also marvel mystery oil, but I think its more than snake oil.

    Even tried diesel fuel.

    The real trick is to not let you cables sit in water or the wet drum.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: snake oil

      Get enough work and you don't need to worry about your cables rusting The only thing I oil with WD-40 are the ends of my Eel 1.25" cables & my specialty cables such as my Ridgid 5/16" drop head that doesn't get much use.


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        Re: snake oil

        My father used to use used motor oil. He put it in an oiler can, and oil up his cable weekly. I spray mine down with WD 40 after each job.
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