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Lateral Lining

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  • Lateral Lining

    I am using the Pipe Patch spot repair system now, but am considering full lateral lining since I am referring out at least 1 lining job a month and hate to see revenue and also my customer going other places.
    My questions to the Forum Members is this, who lines and what "system" and why that system.
    Considering the investment, you the Forum Members input is important.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Lateral Lining

    I'd go with LMK based on a lot of reading and reviews from forum members but I don't have first-hand experience. Find a member named Cuda and ask him. Also JRSaltz might respond to a PM, I heard he recently shut down his own lining business and went to work for a lining equipment manufacturer, and I think it was LMK.


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      Re: Lateral Lining

      Originally posted by Sierra2000
      I do two to three linings a week. I have been doing it about a year now and am not happy with my system. I'm going to purchase LMK Technologies system. Considered Perm-Liner and a two others but after doing some research I believe LMK is the best.
      If I might ask, who's system are you using now ?
      Do you use a trailer or truck for lining .


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        Re: Lateral Lining

        Originally posted by Sierra2000
        I use the QuikShot system. It gets the job done in the end. I find that I have to manually feed the liner into the machine most of the time. Sometimes it'll pull itself in but most times I have to feed it in. On long runs it gets old. Good thing about it you can shoot unlimited lengths with it. I have a box truck setup. I'm not a big fan of pulling a trailer.

        Thanks, the QuikShot looked good on video.
        The compact size is/was inviting. I also am not a fan of towing a trailer due to the location of the majority of my work ( Chicago area)
        Is the box truck large/long enough for liner wet out ? What length do you use ?
        My first choice was a box truck but was not certain.
        Thanks again for your input it is helpful.


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          Re: Lateral Lining

          The small size is also what I liked about it along with being able to shoot virtually unlimited length. Ill keep it and use it when appropriate for that reason. I have the 12' box truck which I'm finding is too small once you get fully setup. Ill go with the 16' refrigerated box truck next time. I have the portable calibration roller from Quikshot. Using 2 trash cans I can wet it out in the back of the truck or pull the roller out and wet out in the field. 16' Box truck I think would be ideal to set up a wet out station. Refrigerated or AC set up in the back for hot summers.


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            Re: Lateral Lining

            LMK has there own version of the Quick Shot system besides the inversion tank system. The main difference between LMK's inversion system and others is it is a one shot deal meaning the liner and bladder are shot in to the sewer at the same time so it is inflated against the host pipe wall right out the gate not shot in then deflated and then inflated again. The reason this is good is because if you are working on a sewer that is crumbling it can not fall in on the liner. The LMK liners have more time to work with them for the most part. And since they are just outside of Chicago I can not imagine working in that area and not using LMK products.
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              Re: Lateral Lining


              I've been doing CIPP lining for 5 years now, using the Nu Flow pulled in place liner system, along with locating, inspection and sewer cleaning services.

              Overall, I'd recommend that you develop a relationship with someone who specializes in that field, regardless of the particular system they employ. It's a challenging, specialized process and, with just one situation requiring a CIPP application appearing just per month in your plumbing business, I suggest the risk/cost/benefit/reward equation will be against you if you still intend to offer other plumbing related services.


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                Re: Lateral Lining

                I would go with LMK system myself. Right now the funds are tight though. Give them a call and talk to Jake. He owns a shop out of Sandwich IL and has been lining with their system for years.
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                  Re: Lateral Lining

                  I have the quik shot. I wasn't too happy with its operation and was ready to sell it. After figuring out that the problem was I just needed a bigger air compressor, it works excellent. I can shoot unlimited feet of liner, can shoot 200' in a matter of minutes and can shoot a 4x6 transition without digging it up. I think it's worth looking at. Really cost competitive. Small enough to fit into a 12"x24" access.