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Australian jetting question

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  • Australian jetting question

    This is for the down under guys. From what I can tell that is being sold, you guys are running 4000-5000 psi and 5.5 gpm(21 lpm). Looks great when it comes to cutting roots but how does that stuff do with grease? Surely you have to be jetting resturant lines? How big pipe are you guys effectively jetting grease out with those specs? 100mm, 150mm? How long is a typical run for you?

    Last question, here the big jetters 18gpm 4000 psi are fairly common enough where they won't raise any eyebrows. I've never seen one sold that big in australia over the internet....why is this? Are plumbers restricted to 150mm and below only size pipe and cities take care of the bigger stuff?
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    Re: Australian jetting question

    Hi Gear Junkie
    Most of the lines I clear are root blockages, have never really come across any major grease problems, most of the plumbing systems have grease traps on them before the waste heads into the drain so maybe that helps, could also be the temperature over here the grease might not get time to set in the drain, not sure about the bigger lines most of our drains that I work with are only 150 mm and I do a fair bit for the water board around here