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Strange Blockage............

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    Re: Strange Blockage............

    Maybe a chemical reaction to whatever the homeowners where putting down the years for years before you showed up? I've seen some crazy stuff from what bleach and drano can create when the homeowners pour it in the drain all the time. Can turn a standard blockage into a rock hard black substance.
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      Re: Strange Blockage............

      some blockages are just mysteries. I've had more than my share of "hard" blockages with no real evidence of the culprit.

      be glad it's open, clear, and draining and the check has cleared
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        Re: Strange Blockage............

        My father and I over the years ran into drain cleaning abnormalities over all the years we been doing this. One that comes to mind is my father got the mainline rodder hung up bad. Spent hours running it on forward and reverse, and it just would not break free. So he went to the shop to grab another machine and the locator, so he can run it down stream to locate the problem area. When he got back to the jobsite, he grabbed the cable and to his surprise it was free of what ever had it hung up and he was able to rod the remainder of the line with no issues. So from this day if any of us gets hung up, we tell the property owner we will return the next day to see if we can get it to free up, and if not we have no choice to locate and dig. Granted the first time this happened to my father was 40+ years ago, and in the past 40 years I only had the rod hang up on me about 6 times, and only one time I couldn't get it to break free. Out of the other 5 times 2 of them the rod somehow freed itself.
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