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  • Fleas

    Went to a rental property to clean a main line.
    Woman answers the door and asks if I'm the exterminator.
    Tell her no and why I'm here.

    Turns out it's the floor drain and as I'm finishing up she tells me there's a Flea infestation
    and how bad they are and how much their family is getting bitten.

    I immediately start to itch. (Why is that?)

    Go home and strip, clothes, hat, shoes go in a plastic bag and then to
    the wash machine.

    Some days .....

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    Re: Fleas

    I ended up in the er after getting bit around the ankles and it got badly infected.

    Dont remember the shot they gave me in the a$$, but I do remember them telling me it was going to burn.

    3 days of what felt like fire.
    Another miserable flea / noseeums are from the beach in foreign countries.

    Now I spray when going on to questionable grounds.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Fleas

      Same thing happened to me about three weeks ago, but it was bed bugs. Glad I was working in the kitchen. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. The exterminator arrived as I was getting ready to leave and said it was the worst infestation he had ever seen. He said there were thousands of them. It's a three family apartment building and all three units were affected.


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        Re: Fleas

        Never thought of spraying myself before I go in.

        Might look funny during a Minnesota winter.

        Do they still sell DDT?


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          Re: Fleas

          I'm thinking booties,tryvek suit, latex gloves and lots of duct tape on the ankles and wrists.


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            Re: Fleas

            We have just been warned about mosquitoes. Seems that there is a new breed which is one son of a B and you get real ill real quick. Make you wonder with the fleas and bed bugs how some people are able to look at themselves in the mirror. Just like the parents who send their kids to school with head lice.

            Starting to itch like crazy just typing about this.................!!!!!!!!!!!


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              Re: Fleas

              I remember doing some code work in an apartment complex in AC, worst roach infestation I ever saw. Opened the cabinet doors under the sink and they were everywhere, you couldn't see the underside of the sink there were so many clinging to it. I took the turbo-torch and just stuck it in there and burned off as many as I could without burning the place down, which thinking back probably might have been better. I hated working in that place, we were there about two weeks fixing various code violations, replacing faucets, repairing leaks, etc. One apt had an unauthorized washing machine in the kitchen. They had the drain hose run through a hole in the floor into the crawl space, what a stinking mess that was.

              One day we alomost got caught in the middle of a drug bust. We are knocking at the door of an apt and I look down the row at the next apt and around the corner I see 2 cops and 2 more at the door with a ram and shotguns. I said to Bill "I think it's a good time to go to lunch". He says ot's only 11. I said "look over there" and he sees the cops and says "let's go to the White House" which is a famous sub shop a few blocks away and off we go.
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