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Vertical height with jetter?

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  • Vertical height with jetter?

    How far up a vertical stack has anyone gone with their jetters? I have a 3500 psi/ 8 gpm cart unit but are there limits just because of gravity? I have to do 40 yr old 2" galvanized condensate stack that is 80 ft high but I don't want to pop holes in it either......

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    Re: Vertical height with jetter?

    8gpm requires 3/8" hose and 3/8" hose is heavy. You might get much more pull with 1/4" @ 5gpm which is plenty for 2".

    I don't think you'll get 80' more like 40-50' with an agressive 3 rear 15 degree drill pattern. My 1/4" stainless hose is the lightest weight I have.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Vertical height with jetter?

      Send a line down via cable, rod, pex, etc.
      Tow it up.


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        Re: Vertical height with jetter?

        I used to be able to get my 3/16" jet hose on a 5gpm 5000psi jetter to reach 10 levels or 30m (90') before relocating to the next level. I would start in the basement and clear up 30m and down, then take my 1/4" main hose up the fire stairs and join it to my remote mini reel at level 20 (60m high). From level 20 I could run downstream 30m and upstream 30m thus clearing a 30 level building in an hour on my own.
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